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New Tender for the Development of 2 Hospitality Complexes in the Negev Desert (Yeruham)

אילוסטרציה מתחם אירוח ירוחם

The Israel Land Authority and the Ministry of Tourism have issued a tender for the construction of two 48-room desert tourism complexes in the Nahal Hashoalim basin in the south of the city of Yeruham (tender No. 124/2020).

The Israel Land Authority and the Ministry of Tourism are appealing to hotel developers to submit a proposal for the development of two unique tourist complexes in Yeruham.

These are two complexes designated for hotels and agriculture, to be established according to a desert tourism plan at the southern end of the town, on the desert border, along the Nahal Shualim gorge.

The size of the complexes together is about 146 dunams (146,000 sqm). The first complex covers an area of 58 dunams (58,000 sqm) and the second complex is larger and covers an area of about 87 dunams (87,000 sqm). In the complexes, between 11 and 24 accommodation units (tzimmerim) will be built, and two residential buildings for the management and the staff, up to 400 square meters. The rest of the area is intended for agricultural tourism such as vines, winepresses, edible plants and spices, scenic paths, bicycle paths and pedestrian paths, all in accordance with the rules of the existing plan and the terms of the tender.

The minimum price required in the first complex is NIS433,500 for an area of 58 dunams designated for the construction of 24 accommodation units, with the purpose of the area being, as stated, for hotels and agricultural areas.

The minimum price in the second complex is NIS612,000, as stated for an area of 87 dunams, where up to 24 accommodation units can be built. The area is also designated for hotels and agricultural areas.

A 6-year development contract will be signed with the winners, followed by a 49-year lease with an option to extend for another 49 years.

According to the plan, on the area on both sides of the river basin, designated for the central park, six lobes of small tourist complexes with different construction patterns will be developed. They will include several types of tourist hotspots, areas for agricultural tourism and landscaping areas. In order to integrate the complexes in the desert landscape, the proposed construction and development will be on a scale suitable for the environment, natural materials and local vegetation will be used. Also, the access roads to the complexes and infrastructure will overlap as much as possible with the dirt roads and paths that exist in the area. The roads outside the desert tourism complexes will in the future be integrated into the array of residential areas that will open south of the Fox River.

The tender is intended for those who will receive the recommendation of the Ministry of Tourism only. Applications for a recommendation from the Ministry of Tourism must be submitted in accordance with the conditions set forth in the tender brochure, to Mr. Avishai Bar-Osher, Director of the Economics, Investment and Budget Division at the Ministry of Tourism, 5 Bank of Israel St., Jerusalem Tel. 02-6664385 / 90 until 22/10 / 2020. The recommendation of the Ministry of Tourism will be given until 10/12/2020. The recommendation must be attached to the bid submitted to the tender.

The development work in the complexes will be done at the responsibility of the winner and at his expense, as specified in the tender brochure.

The tender brochure will be published on the ILA website on 20/8/2020 (

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The picture is for illustration purpose only and is not indicative of the actual project or the actual location of the projects.

Picture credit: Dafna Tal for the Israel Ministry of Tourism